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I’ve a thing for old commercials. Something about them brings the past to me immediately. I remember a lot more of these than I will admit to myself. Rote impressions, as you might only see an episode of a show once or twice. The commercials you will see, or hear, over and over. Even when you don’t pay attention, you remember them.

Through them you can piece together the context your life had when the products were new. Where did you live? What were your relationships like with other people? With yourself? Who was still alive? It’s not about the product being sold, but in the image and jingle. A secret world of soft guitar riffs and home that is always out of reach, always saudade.

And then they are just commercials. A product of their time, innovations long past and forever impassioned. I have a few tapes to go through, and some more I just acquired.
I have some saudade, too. Enough to share.

Cheers for reinvention. Cheers for restarting. Cheers for the selling, and cheers for the going.

Sam Prus
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A Chicagoan, and lover of all creative endeavors. Gamer, comic book geek, philosopher king, and a lapsed member of Mensa. Has two cats, Munda and Spooky.

Commercials from 1996

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