Digital Media Production
• Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Acrobat, Premiere, Soundbooth, Audition, Indesign, Final Cut Pro, Maya, 3D StudioMax, Cinema 4D, Swift 3D, Mudbox, Blender.
• Microsoft Office, Microsoft CRM, SalesForce, ExactTarget, Sharepoint, Magento, WordPress, Constant Contact.
• HTML, CSS, Actionscript, Java, C++, Processing.
• Film sound editing, camera, cinematography.

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Hello.  Who am I?  Well, that’s complicated.  To simplify things, let’s focus on the point of this.  This place is a place to show my creative output, for better or worse, process and delivery.  Let’s talk about that.

When it comes to our personal identity, it’s important to recognize the things you are a bit obsessive and possessive about.  Some of us humans have this.  Some of those things are positive, and able to be capitalized on.  I’m creative.  Mostly visual.  Often aural and edible.  It’s the visual I like to think I can offer others.  At least at this point.

I’m ridiculously visual.  To the extent that I’ve had to learn how to have verbal communication in my head.  I’m obsessive about composition.  Often, during interesting moments of my life, I like to figure out the camera placement and how I would light the situation.  What lens would I be using?

Being creative isn’t something I’ve accepted late in life.  Being ‘visually’ creative is.  I’ve considered myself a ‘writer’ for most of my life.  Honestly, I’m a storyteller.  Creative success is the ability for someone to take their life input and output that into something resonant.  That is my goal.  Even if it appears to be Sisyphean.  Another success of being creative is looking at past work and feeling satisfied with it.  Not Sisyphean.  The quantum state of being creative is being immensely satisfied with your progress and insecure that you aren’t good enough.  There’s nothing Romantic about dying at the drafting table.  That’s just any other day.

That being said, nothing is precious.  We want to finish and deliver.  I like to work in whatever medium gets the job done.  The fact that I can do most of it with a keyboard is a bonus.  I work conceptually to corporate.  As long as I’m delivering the information in a way that the distinctly satisfies the audience, my style is successful.